About Minto & Wilkie Insurance

Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency has had the backs of San Rafael, Marin County and the North Bay Area for 100 years! Minto and Wilkie has been the longest continually operating business on downtown San Rafael's Fourth Street. Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency is so deeply rooted in the North Bay Community that there is no chance we will be leaving anytime soon.

At the turn of the 20th century, the insurance business operated with less complexity than agencies do today. Transactions in homeownership were done with ease as many real estate agencies also provided their own home insurance protecting against fires and other disasters. This was the case a century ago at the time of the founding of Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency. The founders were all real estate agents and a few were even the original members of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce.

The Minto and Wilkie Community is very interconnected with the North Bay Community. The agency has a long history of involvement with local Rotary Clubs, the San Rafael Business Improvement District, Local Free Health Clinics and continues to have employees in leadership roles within the Chamber of Commerce and other community and civic organizations. In addition to involvement in many local groups, Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency continues to financially support many of the local non-profits' activities in the San Rafael and North Bay areas.

Though Minto and Wilkie is now virtually paper-free and uses up-to-date technology, clients will still find Minto and Wilkie employees calling on and visiting their accounts personally, which is rare in these days of voicemails and automated prerecorded cold calls. Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency knows how important their clients assets and loved ones are to them, so Minto and Wilkie strives to provide the most comprehensive coverage and protection to their clients and their family members.

Over the years, Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency has built ties with many of the largest and most respected insurance companies in America. Minto and Wilkie is a full service insurance agency, departmentalized and staffed with insurance professionals in personal lines, commercial lines, and individual/group life and health insurance.

As independent insurance brokers, Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency is your one stop source for all of your personal and business insurance needs.  We have a unique ability to shop and compare your insurance needs through hundred of insurance carriers nationwide, finding you the best coverage and price for your specific need.

Additionally, with all of the confusion of recent laws (ObamaCare/ACA) impacting all aspects of both group and individual healthcare insurance, Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency is a certified agent with Covered California. We will be happy to assist you through the enrollment process at no cost to you! Outside of a qualifying event, the annual enrollment period is at the end of the year. Minto and Wilkie will provide guidance with plan selection, rates, subsidy and enrollment information.

Insurance is a complicated subject. It is Minto and Wilkie's job to understand it and communicate it to our clients so they will understand it as well. In almost all cases our clients will benefit from having Minto & Wilkie Insurance Agency advise them on the complex and confusing 50+ page contract that is involved in every insurance policy. If there are any hidden surprises, Minto and Wilkie is equipped to know where they are. Even if you understand insurance thoroughly you can get tripped up. Minto and Wilkie Insurance Agency will assist you in avoiding the pitfalls associated with finding the right insurance coverage for all of your needs.